Spanish Immersion Program

For students who participated in a Dual Language Program at Mountain View Elementary School, the following course path will be taken at Walton:

  • 6th Grade
    • ELA 6 (every other day) and Spanish Immersion 6 (every other day)
  • 7th Grade
    • ELA 7 (every other day) and Spanish Immersion 7 (every other day)
  • 8th Grade
    • ELA 8 (every other day) and Spanish for Fluent Speakers (every other day)
      • Spanish for Fluent Speakers is a high school credit course. Depending on performance on the STAMP test at the end of 8th grade students may earn up to 2 high school world language credits.
    • At the end of 8th grade, students will work with their counselor to determine the appropriate coursework for their high school career.