Rising 6th Grade Registration

Hello future Walton families!

This page has been designed to support 5th grade students and their families with the middle school course registration process. Information regarding transition will be provided to students and families during January 2021 through the elementary school counselors. If you have questions as you navigate through this process, please contact your elementary school counselor or the 2021/2022 6th grade counselor, Doug Bloor (dbloor@k12albemarle.org), for information.

Click here to view the full ACPS Middle School Program of Studies, complete with course descriptions.

Rising 6th Grade Welcome Letter

The welcome letter sent to rising 6th grade families through elementary counselors in January 2021 can be found here in English and in Spanish.

Transition Timeline

  • Early January: 5th grade students and their families are informed about their exploratory and math class options.
  • January 18th - February 12th: 5th grade students and their families are informed about their exploratory and math class options. Parents and guardians may view and edit their children's choices via Parent Portal during this window.
  • January 28th: Walton administrators and counselors will hold an information session via Zoom at 6:30 PM regarding the 6th grade course registration process. Click here to view the flyer with full details.
  • February 12th: Starting on this date, your child's course requests may be viewed in Parent Portal. Any changes must go through your child's counselor.
  • Dates TBD: 6th Grade Orientation and 5th Grade Middle School Visit
  • Late May/Early June: Walton administrators, counselors and student ambassadors will visit our rising 6th graders to address their questions and concerns about middle school.
  • The week before school (August date TBD): Rising 6th grade students and their families are welcome to attend Walton's Open House to walk through their schedule, meet their teachers, counselors, and administrators, and ask questions.


6th Grade Classes

  • Language Arts 6- One level is available that combines the former Language Arts 6 and Language Arts 6 Advanced/Honors courses.
  • Math 6- Two levels are available: Math 6 (combines Math 6 and Math 6 advanced) and Math 6 Compacted (Covers the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math curriculum to prepare for Algebra I in 7th grade).
    • *Note* As of May 2021, the Math 6 Honors class will now be referred to as Math 6 Compacted. Student signed up in January 2021 under the course name of Math 7 Advanced. Additionally, Math 6 Compacted students will now take the Math 6 SOL.
  • Science 6 (semester-long)
  • History 6 (semester-long)- United States History I to 1865
  • Health/PE (year-long)
  • Electives- Click here for the list of elective courses available in 6th grade.

Sample Schedule

  Blue Day Gold Day
Block 1 Language Arts Language Arts
Block 2 Science Science
Block 3 Math Math
Block 4 Health/PE Elective(s)


Spanish Immersion Program

For students who participated in a Spanish Immersion program in elementary school, the following course path will be taken at Walton:

  • 6th Grade: Students will take US History I and US History II (typically taken in 7th grade) in Spanish. This accounts for one block of these students' day.
  • 7th Grade: Immersion will be provided through a Language Arts 7/Spanish class. Students will also take Science 6 (typically taken in 7th grade) and Science 7. Science is provided in English.
  • 8th Grade: Students will take Spanish II. Students will also have the opportunity to take the STAMP test at the end of the year to determine their proficiency level.
  • High School: Spanish course level will be determined by performance on the STAMP test (Spanish III, AP, etc.). Additionally, bilingual certification can be acquired by the STAMP test in 8th grade or in high school.

Registering in Parent Portal

Click here for directions on how to access course registration in Parent Portal.

Transition Activities

To help 5th grade students with their transition to middle school, the following events are planned during the spring:

  • 6th Grade Orientation: Evening event for both parents and students to attend. Parents attend an informational presentation with the principals and are provided with a school tour. Rising 6th grade students join their teachers in the gym four team building games.
  • 5th Grade Visit: Students and their teachers visit Walton during the school day. Students are provided with an informational sessions, tours guided by Walton student ambassadors, a question and answer session with student ambassadors, and finally students have the opportunity to eat lunch in the Walton cafeteria with their 5th grade peers.
  • Counselor and Ambassador Visits: At the end of the school year, Walton counselors and ambassadors visit each elementary school in the Southern Feeder Pattern to answer any questions that students still have about middle school.

Elementary Schools that Feed into Walton

  • Mountain View Elementary School- Some students attend Walton, others attend Burley Middle School.
  • Red Hill Elementary School- All students attend Walton.
  • Scottsville Elementary School- All students attend Walton.
  • Stone-Robinson Elementary School- Some students attend Walton, others attend Burley Middle School.